Muskoka Lakes Towns and Townships

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Muskoka Lakes Towns and Townships

AKA: Those Who Set the Bylaws There are four Towns and Townships around the Muskoka Lakes and each has separate bylaws that govern what can be built on any particular property. Here is a round-up of the Towns and Townships, their respective jurisdictions and contact information. The Township of Muskoka Lakes is the largest and[...]

Muskoka Associations

There are several consumer and heritage groups keeping a watch on our community. We encourage you to join and get involved in one or more of them. There are plenty of benefits. Joining connects you to your local community, is a valuable source of information, supports the community and allows its members to pool their[...]

Private Buoy Regulations

For those whose cottages are located in busy boat traffic areas, it is a good idea to set out private buoys to remind boaters of the rules of speed and safety. If you do, be sure you are adhering to the following regulations. Private Buoy Regulations Statutory Orders and Regulations (SOR) 99-335 1. In these[...]

The Muskoka Watershed

As a Realtor who lives and works in Muskoka I am acutely aware of the magnificence of our lakes. I am convinced that, as a resident of this area, I have a small but vital role to play in protecting them. That requires that I have a good understanding of how they function so I[...]

Is the Right of Way to Your Cottage Secure?

Many cottage owners in Muskoka access their cottages via a right of way. These private cottage roads often meander along long stretches of shoreline, giving access to multiple cottages as they go. They are a series of “granted to” and “in favor of” easements that the property owners allow to benefit each other. Sometimes when[...]

Shore Road Allowances and Their History

Shore road allowances were established in various parts of Ontario adjacent to navigable rivers and shores of lakes. Cottage buyers may be unaware of their existence as many remain unopened, but nevertheless legally exist. The initial laying out of road allowances in Ontario included the establishment of shore road allowances that were 66’ in width[...]